Will masks be required? If so, what type of masks or face coverings are acceptable?

Yes, students and staff will be required to wear masks. Exceptions will be made for eating/drinking or outdoor activity. We require masks that follow CDC guidelines such as fitted masks or double-layered gaiters.

Can my student wear a face shield instead of a mask? 

Face shields can be worn in addition to a mask, but cannot replace a mask.


What is the hand sanitization protocol?

Students will wash and sanitize hands often and thoroughly! Students will be required to sanitize hands upon arrival and at other points throughout the day. Our facilities provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.

Will you do temperature screenings at drop-off?

At drop off, we will check each student's temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or higher will not be allowed to enter the building for camp. Anyone with a fever must be fever-free for at least 72 hours without medication before returning to camp.

How will you implement social distancing in the classroom?

We have chosen our camp spaces to provide adequate social distancing for each student. Students will be in pods of 10.

What is your cleaning/sanitizing protocol? 

High-touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches will be sanitized often. Our classrooms spaces and bathrooms are deep cleaned and sanitized daily. Classroom supplies such as markers, crayons, scissors, etc. will not be shared. Each student will have their own supplies to use for the duration of the camp. 



What should my child bring to camp?

Campers should dress in comfortable clothing they can move in and must wear sneakers or dance shoes. Sandals and flip-flops are not acceptable footwear. All campers must wear a face mask! Each camper should bring a lunch, 2 snacks, a water bottle, and hand sanitizer (if desired). Please label all personal belongings.

What is the maximum number of students in a camp?

Theatre camps are capped at 30 students. Art camps are capped at 10 per group. In accordance with CDC recommendations, social distancing will be enforced at all times.

How much physical interaction will classes have with each other?

Camps will operate in small pods of 10 campers per pod. Each pod will be assigned designated staff members, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces to limit interaction between campers. 

How will drop-off and pick-up work?

During drop-off, every camper will undergo a temperature check. Camp staff will then walk young actors and artist to their camp spaces. Caretakers will not be admitted into the building in order to limit exposure. Drop-off and pick-up will take place at the main lobby entrance for art campers and the Black Box Lobby entrance for theatre campers. Both lobby entrances will be marked. More information on your assigned location and specific instructions will be sent out before your camp session.

Can my student carpool with another family?

We encourage families to make the safest decisions for their students. In order to be able to contact trace effectively, camp staff may ask which families are carpooling together in the event someone in that carpool group tests positive for or is exposed to COVID-19. 

How will lunch work?

Young actors will eat lunch in their classrooms or studios. They will have snack breaks in the morning and afternoon, which will be held in outdoor spaces weather permitting.

How will performances work?

At this time, we will be giving 4 tickets per camper to attend the Friday performance. Chairs will be marked in groups of 4 in the auditorium.