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AP & advanced

2020 Virtual exhibit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Nixon Centre was unable to hold our traditional AP & Advanced Art Exhibit typically held in the spring.

We wanted to highlight these wonderful students. Some of the

students have graduated and some are still in high school.

Students exhibited alphabetically.

Sidney Alexander, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Sidney Alexander P1 grade 12.png

Photography I

Emily Anaya, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Emily Anaya 11th Beauty in Royalty_.jpg

Beauty in Royalty

Emily Anaya 11th Lips .jpeg


Emily Anaya 11th - Beauty of a Mother_.j

Beauty of a Mother

Emily Anaya 11th - Beauty in Diversity.j

Beauty of Diversity

Emily Anaya 11th drapery .jpg


Emily Anaya 11th expressive portrait .jp

Expressive Portrait

Emily Anaya 11th vegetables .jpg


Ashley Anderson, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Ashley Anderson 11th Silence .jpg


Ashley Anderson 11th Vegetable Still Lif

Vegetable Still Life

Courtney Brown, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Courtney Brown, grade 12.jpg

Garrett Burton, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Garrett Burton, 12th grade(1).jpg
Garrett Burton, 12th grade.jpg

Allison Chase

East Coweta High School

Newnan Coweta Art Association Scholarship Recipient


Julie Cosley, 11th Grade

Northgate High School

Julie Cosley P1 grade 11.jpg

Photography I

Nina Curry, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Nina Curry, grade 12.jpg

Anna Durden

East Coweta High School

Anna Durden.jpg
Anna Durden 7.jpg
Anna Durden 2.jpg
Anna Durden 6.jpg
Anna Durden 3.jpg
Anna Durden 5.jpg
Anna Durden 4.jpg
Kaitlyn Eason 11th Expressive Portrait.j

Expressive Portrait

Kaitlyn Eason, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Kaitlyn Eason 11th Stinger.jpg
Kaitlyn Eason 11th veggies.jpg



Kaitlyn Eason 11th Arachnids_.jpg


Kaitlyn Eason 11th Snail Trail.jpg

Snail Trail

Kaitlyn Eason 11th Nuts, Bolts and Bugs.

Nuts, Bolts and Bugs

Kaitlyn Eason 11th Beetle Watching .jpg

Beetle Watching

Kaitlyn Eason 11th Pollination .jpg


Kaitlyn Eason 11th Self Portrait with Bu

Portrait with Butterflies

Kaitlyn Eason 11th Architecture (1).jpg


Shelby Fowler, 12th Grade

Newnan High School

Shelby Fowler 12th Global Warming .jpg

Global Warning

Shelby Fowler 12th Nature_s Fury.jpg

Natures Fury

Shelby Fowler 12th Melting of The Polar

Melting of the Polar Ice Caps

Shelby Fowler 12th Expressive Portrait .

Expressive Portrait

Shelby Fowler 12th Pandemic .jpg


Shelby Fowler 12th Hurricane .jpg


Shelby Fowler 12th Drought .jpg


Shelby Fowler 12th  Rescue .jpg


Keshun Gamble

East Coweta High School

Keshun Gamble1.jpg
Keshun Gamble2.jpg
Keshun Gamble3.jpg
Keshun Gamble 4.jpg

Michela Hand, 10th Grade

Northgate High School

Michela Hand P1 grade 10.jpg

Photography I

Madelyn Haponski

East Coweta High School

Madelyn_ Haponski3.jpg

Andi Hardy

East Coweta High School

Harriet Owens Alexander Scholarship Recipient


Finn Harris, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Finn Harris 11th Transitions .JPG
Finn Harris 11th Mirror Image Expressive
Finn Harris 11th  Bunny .jpg
Finn Harris 11th Morning Youth .jpg
Finn Harris 11th Fruit Still life.jpg

Mirror Image Expressive Portrait



Fruit Still Life

Morning Youth

Finn Harris 11th Architecture .JPG


Finn Harris 11th Drapery .JPG


Mailey Horne, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Mailey Horne, grade 12.jpg

Heidi Hungerford, 11th Grade

Northgate High School

Heidi Hungerford 11th grade.jpg

Eva Inostroza, 12th Grade

Newnan High School

Partons of the Centre Fine Arts Scholarship Recipient

Eva Inostroza 12th Burn the Midnight Oil

Burn the Midnight Oil

Eva Inostroza 12th Green Fingers.jpg

Green Fingers

Eva Inostroza 12th Cup of Joe.jpg

Cup of Joe

Eva Inostroza 12th Stuck in a Sticky Sit

Stuck in a Sticky Situation

Eva Inostroza 12th Architecture.jpg


Eva Inostroza 12th The Midas Touch.jpg

The Midas Touch

Eva Inostroza 12th A Penny for Your Thou

Penny for Your Thoughts

Eva Inostroza 12th Expressive Portrait_.

Expressive Portrait

Carly Johnson, 12th Grade

Newnan High School

Carly Johnson 12th _Beginners luck_ .jpg
Carly Johnson 12th _Salty_.jpg

Beginners Luck


Carly Johnson 12th _See a Penny_.jpg

See a Penny

Donovan Jones, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Donovan Jones, 12th grade.JPG

Isaac Joens

East Coweta High School

Isaac Jones.jpg

Brooke Jordan, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Brooke Jordan, grade 12.jpg

Emily Justice, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Emily Justice, grade 12.jpg

Lauren Katzfey, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Lauren Katzfey P1 grade 12.jpg
Lauren Katzfey P1 grade 12(1).jpg

Photography I

Chaelin Kim5.jpg

Chaelin Kim

East Coweta High School

Chaelin Kim2.jpg
Chaelin Kim4.jpg
Chaelin Kim3.jpg
Chaelin Kim6.jpg
Chaelin Kim 7.jpg
Chaelin Kim1.jpg

Madelyn Lara

East Coweta High School

Madelyn Lara1.jpg
Madelyn Lara.jpg
Madelyn Lara2.jpg
Madelyn Lara3.jpg

Ryan Ledford, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Ryan Ledford P1 grade 12(1).jpg
Ryan Ledford P1 grade 12.jpg
Ryan Ledford P1 grade 12(2).jpg

Photography I

Sunyoung Lee

East Coweta High School

Anne Quinn Powell Fine Arts Scholarship Recipient

Sunyoung Lee.jpg
Sunyoung Lee 4.jpg
Sunyoung Lee3.jpg
Sunyoung Lee25.jpg
Sunyoung Lee2.jpg

Meredith Lodge, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Meredith Lodge P1 grade 12.jpg

Photography I

Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Breakfast.jpg
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Watermelon .jpg

Ida Lee Lunsford, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Caffeine Fix .jpg
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Expressive Portrai
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th  Burger .jpg
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Mmm-Mmm Good.jpg
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Date Night Pasta .
Ida Lee Lunsford 11th Pizza.jpg

Date Night Pasta

Caffine Fix





Expressive Portrait


Hunter Macek, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Hunter Macek, 12th grade.jpg

Dominick Maldonado

East Coweta High School

dominick Maldonado.jpg
dominick Maldonado 5.jpg
dominick Maldonado 4.jpg
dominick Maldonado 1.jpg
dominick Maldonado 2.jpg

Raina Marlow, 11th Grade

Northgate High School

Raina Marlow P1 grade 11.jpg
Raina Marlow P1 grade 12.jpg

Photography I

Kira McCrary, 11th Grade

Northgate High School

Kira McCrary P2 grade 11.jpg

Photography II

Madison Meadows, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Madison Meadows P1 grade 12(2).jpg
Madison Meadows P1 grade 12.jpg
Madison Meadows P1 grade 12(1).jpg

Photography I

Kailey Metcalf

East Coweta High School

Newnan Coweta Art Association Scholarship Recipient

Kailey Metcalf 3.jpg
Kailey Metcalf1.jpg
Kailey Metcalf 4.jpg
Kailey Metcalf.jpg
Kailey Matcalf 25.jpg
Kailey Metcalf 2.jpg

Hannah Neely, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

Hannah Neely 11th Holocaust_.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th  Wise men Stained glas

Wise Men Stained Glass

Hannah Neely 11th Temple_.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th_.jpg
Hannah Neely 11th Native Americans.jpg

Native Americans

Hannah Neely 11th Methodist.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th  Muslim Prayers_.jpg

Muslim Prayers

Hannah Neely 11th Crucifixion_.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th Expressive

Expressive Portrait

Hannah Neely 11th Drapery_.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th Architecture.jpg


Hannah Neely 11th Country Church wood bu

Country Church wood burning

a-Deja Nelson Porter, 11th Grade

Newnan High School

A_Deja Porter-Nelson 11th  I Spy .jpg

I Spy

A_Deja Porter-Nelson 11th  Expressive Po
A_Deja Porter-Nelson 11th  Bee

Bee Keeper

Expressive Portrait

Jayna Olp, 10th Grade

Northgate High School

Jayna Olp P1 grade 10.jpg

Photography I

Shadiyah Percival, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Shadiyah Percival, grade 12.jpg

Kendra Phillips, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Kendra Phillips, grade 12(1).jpg
Kendra Phillips, grade 12.jpg

Sarah Rafter, 11th Grade

Northgate High School

Sarah Rafter, grade 11_.jpg

Sara Ridge

East Coweta High School

Sara Ridge2.jpg
Sara Ridge3.jpg
Sara Ridge1.jpg

Nadia Schaaf

East Coweta High School


Joy Scimeca

Northgate High School

Melody-Joy Scimeca P2 grade 12.png

Morgan Sisk, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Morgan Sisk, 12th grade.jpg
Morgan Sisk, 12th grade(1).jpg

Corbin Smith, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Corbin Smith P2 grade 12.png

Photography II

Ansley Terrell

East Coweta High School

Newnan Coweta Art Association Scholarship Recipient

Ansley Terrell 5.jpg
Ansley Terrell 4.jpg
Ansley Terrell 1.jpg
Ansley Terrell.jpg
Ansley Terrell 2.jpg
Ansley Terrell 3.jpg

Zoey Thompson

East Coweta High School

Zoey Thompson 2.jpg
Zoey Thompson 4.jpg
Zoey Thompson 3.jpg
Zoey Thompson 1.jpg
Zoey Thompson 5.jpg

Michell Torres, 12th Grade

Newnan High School

Michell Torres 12th- Nyctophobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th- Melophobia _.jpg


Michell Torres 12th Opidiophobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th Thanatophobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th- Agoraphobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th - Pyrophobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th - Expression.jpg


Michell Torres 12th - Coulrophobia.jpg


Michell Torres 12th  Hypnophobia .jpg


Michell Torres 12th - Vegetables.jpg
Michell Torres 12th- Claustrophobia.jpg



Sarah Turi, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Sarah Turi, 12th grade.jpg

Jodi Tuxbury, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Jodi Tuxbury P2 grade 12.jpg

Photography II

Genesis Valle, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Genesis Valle, 12th grade.jpg

Amanda Walters, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Amanda Walters, 12th grade.JPG

Mackenzie Watt, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Mackenzie Watt P1 grade 12.jpg

Photography I

Mackenzie Watt P1 grade 12(1).jpg

Sarah Woodle, 12th Grade

Northgate High School

Sarah Woodle P2 grade 12.jpg

Photography II

Emily Yoder, 10th Grade

Northgate High School

Emily Yoder P1 grade 10(2).jpg
Emily Yoder P1 grade 10.jpg
Emily Yoder P1 grade 10(1).jpg

Photography I

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